Үндістандағы арзан кескіш машина жалын плазмасындағы CNC машинасының бағасы

Жылдам мәліметтер

Сатудан кейінгі қызмет: Инженерлер шетелдегі техникаларға қол жетімді
Voltalge: 220-380V
working length area: less than 5.5m
working width area: less than 1.6m
Dimension: 500mm*80mm*40mm
working model: flame or plasma
cutting material: all kind of metal
Moving precision: +/-0.2mm/m
Warranty: 3 years
color: as request


Өнім Сипаттамасы

Portable Numerical Control Cutting machine is an integrally compact mini structure and is an ideal updating and upgrading product for replacing handheld flame cutting equipment, handheld plasma cutting device, profiling cutting machine and semi-auto cutting trolley. As the NC equipment specially for cutting off sheet metals, it is operated as easily and flexibly as the cutting trolley without any fixed site and with random moving. It is applicable to inside/outside cutting, able to cut off various metal materials according to any graphs. In general, the cut surface after cutting needs no further surface processing. It is provided with advantages such as high automation, easy operation, high accuracy, high reliability, low price, and simple operation & maintenance, and is now widely used in industries such as machine tool manufacturing, Petro-chemical equipment, light-industrial machinery, shipbuilding, pressure vessel, mining machinery, electric power, bridge construction, aerospace, steel structure etc.


How to use

1:Make a cutting drawing by CAD software
2:Use fast CAM to edit the drawing and nesting then come out the NG code file
3:Loading the NG code file to the machine by USB flash disk
4:Start the cutting by CNC cutting machine automatic



With reasonable overall structure, this product is the lightest, most economical cutting machine.
1. Transversal effective cutting width is 1.0m,1.2m and longitudinal effective cutting length is 1.5, 2m, 2.5m.
2. With automatic ignition and the electronic lifting system,
3. two cutting ways optional: plasma and flame.
4. It can be applied to metal materials or non-ferrous metal cutting of medium and small enterprises.
5. can be used in either indoor or outdoor situations. 4-axis can be expanded linkage functions.
6. Кез-келген күрделі жазықтықта графикалық бағдарлама.
7. Икемді, оңай жұмыс істей алады, қозғалуға болады, USB флэш-дискісін оқу процедурасын қолдана отырып, кез-келген уақытта уақытылы жаңартып отыруға болады және бекітілген сайттарды алмайды.


Characteristics of mechanical structure

1. Guide rail, cross-beam: select and use integrated guide rail and cross beam specially made of aluminum alloy, which is designed according to mechanics principle and finely machined through multiple working procedures. Each guide rail and cross beam have high pressure resistance ability, high accuracy, low tolerance, and non-deformation after long operation. The cross beam can be dismantled, facilitating transfer and packing as well as transportation, and can keep crossbeam verticality unchanged.
2. Fully-new combined case structure design is used, cross arm and main console as well as mechanical and NC parts can be disassembled and assembled. The case exterior is equipped with USB interface\control cable interface and plasma arcing interface. The case interior is additionally equipped with fan cooling device to prevent over-temperature and ensure the stable operation of the machine.
3. Main console which is more humanized faces to cutting site directly, and broadens the operating view angle as far as possible.
4. The traveling part uses precise non-clearance gear, rack gear driving to ensure the accuracy and eliminate the clearance.
5. The motor uses stepping motor driving technology and high subdivision drive, with high accuracy and stable operation.
6. The stainless steel square pipe is additionally provided on the top of cross beam, facilitating to fix plasma cables. It is more humanized.
7. We also prepare heat-insulated splash guard for you to keep main machine away from high temperature, and ensure more stable operation of the machine.
8. We also prepare the sleeper for you to facilitate the directly cutting of equipment on the steel plate.


Main Technical Performance

Installation modewith combined installation and random movement, without occupying fixed site, and directly cutting on steel plates
2Кесу пішініable to program and cut the steel plate parts with any plane shapes formed by straight lines and arcs;
3СКД дисплейінің өлшемі7.0
4Тиімді кесу ені (Х осі)1500mm,1700mm
5Тиімді кесу ұзындығы (Y білігі)2000mm--6000mm
6Крест сәулесінің ұзындығы1200mm 1500mm 1700mm,2000mm
7Бойлық рельстің ұзындығы2500мм, 3000мм, 3500мм, 6500мм
8Кесу жылдамдығыМинутына 0-8000мм
9Плазмалық кесу қалыңдығы1--20mm ( Depends on plasma power source capacity)
10Жалынның қалыңдығы3-200mm
11Жүргізу режиміSingle-side and Double-side
12Кесу режиміжалын және плазма
13От тұтату құрылғысыАвтоматты тұтату құрылғысы
14Биіктігін реттейтін құрылғыЭлектрмен реттелетін жоғары

Arc voltage height and adjustable capacitance

15Файлдарды беруUSB берілісі
16Газ қысымыМакс. 0,1Мпа
17Оттегі қысымыМакс.0.7Мпа
18Газды кесуАцетилен / пропан
19Плазмалық қуат көзіPowerMAX65 / 85/1650 немесе басқалары
20Плазмалық ауаТек ауа басылған
21Плазмалық ауа қысымыМакс. 0,8Мпа
22Кесудің дәлдігі± 0,5 мм ұлттық стандарт JB / T10045.3-99
23Бақылау дәлдігі± 0,01 мм
24Электрмен жабдықтау кернеуі / жиілігі220В / 110В 50Гц / 60Гц
25Номиналды қуат көзі500W
26Жұмыс температурасы

-10 ° C-60 ° C. Салыстырмалы ылғалдылық, 0-95%.