Шағын кескіш портативті cnc плазмалық газ кесетін машина

Жылдам мәліметтер

Шарты: Жаңа
Place of Origin: Liaoning, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Fyeboon
Model Number: Vanguard T3
Voltage: 230V/110V
Rated Power: 300w
Dimension(L*W*H): 2600 X 330 X 245 mm
Салмағы: 180кг
Сертификаттау: CE ISO
Кепілдік: 1 жыл
Сатудан кейінгі қызмет: Инженерлер шетелдегі техникаларға қол жетімді
Driver type: DC Hybrid Servo driver
Type: Machining Parts
Cutting speed: 0-6000mm per minute
Flame cutting thickness: 6mm~150mm
Plasma cutting thickness: Depends on plasma power
LCD Dimension: 7 Inches color display
Material: Stainless steel
Effective cutting area: W=1600/2500mm, L=3400mm
Cutting model: Oxy-fuel or plasma
Plating: Painting


Өнім Сипаттамасы

It is an Economical, Compact and Портативті CNC кескіш станок. It provides versatile Oxy fuel, Plasma or Both cutting modes. A precise guide rail ensures Stable motion of the crossbeam and professional checking and testing of the machine parts guarantees the Accurate and Reliable Performance. Besides, it is Easy to Learn and Operate because of its automation and simple menu-driven interface.


Техникалық параметр

Effective Cutting Area
Кіріс кернеуі
230/110V 50/60Hz
Қалыңдығын кесу
Flame: 6~200mm
Нәр беруші
Plasma: depend on plasma power
СКД өлшемі
7 Inches color display
Плазмалық қуат көзі
According to User's Requirement
DC Hybrid Servo Driver
4000mm (+600mm)
Кесу жылдамдығы
Rail Width
345 мм
Бағдарламалық жасақтама
FastCAM (Professional Version)
Плазмалық ауа
Only Pressed Air
Cutting Material
Carboon/Stainless Steel/Aluminum
Газды кесу
Ацетилен / пропан / метан
Cutting Accuracy
+/-0.5mm (JB/T5102-1999)


Жиі қойылатын сұрақтар

1. How can I choose a suitable CNC cutting machine?
Just tell us the max cutting area, the material and its thickness, we can help you choose the best CNC cutting machine.

2. What shall we do if we don't know how to operate the machine after purchase?
We have detailed installation and operating instructions attached. It is very simple and we also have a 24-hour telephone and email support. And our engineers are also available for machinery service overseas but not for free.

3. What can we do if the machine has a problem?
24 hours timely response by email and phone calls or engineers overseas service but not for free.

4. What other things also need after we bought the machine?
For Flame Cutting: you just need to access to oxygen and fuel gas;
For Plasma Cutting: you need a plasma power source and air compressor. You can buy the plasma power supply by yourself or buy together with the cutting machine from us, it's optional. If you buy it from us, we will connect the wires of plasma power source and CNC cutting machine together, then it is more convenient to use.

5. Can I change input voltage to my local voltage and frequency?
Yes, we can supply frequency and voltage according to your local standard. Such as 110V/220V/380V/415V/440V, and 50HZ/60HZ.
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