cnc плазмалық кесу машинасы

Жылдам мәліметтер

Шарты: Жаңа
Voltage: 380V/50-60HZ
Rated Power: 8.5KW-10.5KW
Weight: 1800KG
Сертификаттау: CE
Кепілдік: 1 жыл
Сатудан кейінгі қызмет: Инженерлер шетелдегі техникаларға қол жетімді
Working Area: 1500mm*3000mm
Кесу қалыңдығы: 0,5-15мм
Cutting Speed: 0-8m/min
Moving Speed: 0-50m/min
Қуаты: 8,5 кВт-10,5 кВт
Input Voltage: 3 phase 380V
Power Frequency: 50Hz
Control system: DSP offline control system
Motor: Stepper
Files Transfer: USB Interface


Transon TSP series machine optional

МодельTSP1530 /TSP1330/TSP1325/TSP2030
Table size (X*Y)1500mm×3000mm  /1300mm × 3000mm/


Work area (X*Y*Z)1500mm×3000mm×270mm /1300mm × 3000mm × 270mm
Work speed0-50000мм / мин
Кесу жылдамдығы0-8000мм / мин
Кесу қалыңдығы60A 120A
Плазма генераторыAmerican Cut-Mast
Document Transmission FormUSB интерфейсі
Working FormҚолы жоқ доғалар
Жұмыс кернеуі3-Phase 380V

Configured with Taiwan servo speed reducing device

Transon TSP series machine feature

1). This machine adopts thick square tube wholly welding; the machine body adopts shaking preventing technical disposal, with the features of firm, shape retention, and high rigidity.

2). Reasonable platform design, the flat table adopts 10mm precision process steel plate install on the machine table, and then install precision process cast iron cover to protect the vertical steel, to prevent the steel plate affected by high strength flame. The level difference of whole double-deck platform remains in 0-1.5mm.

3). Reasonable pitch leaks design, to make the work piece and other fragments slide to the sides of the knife rack, safe and convenient to use.

4). This machine adopts Japanese Panasonic servo motor and high precision gear wheel. The noise is low, and the machine runs steadily.

5). This machine adopts Start control system made in Sino-US joint venture and Germany design Software FASTCAM with auto material saving function

6). The machine adopts American Cut-Master power source (power 40A/120A/200A) together with high sensitive arc pressure adjuster. Self-adjusting to choose the best distance between plasma head and work piece automatically in order to ensure cutting accuracy

7). Perfect reasonable design and high immaculate surface's work piece make the machine best choice for different thickness material and heterotypic sheet cutting

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