Қытайлық Cnc плазмалық кескіш машина гипер 125а қалың металдан жасалған параққа арналған 65а 85а 200а қосымша

Жылдам мәліметтер

Шарты: Жаңа
Model Number: AL-XG2230
Кернеуі: 380В
Номиналды қуаты: 7,5 кВт
Dimension(L*W*H): 1200*6000mm
Салмағы: 1200кг
Сертификаттау: ISO9001
Кепілдік: бір жыл
Сатудан кейінгі қызмет: Инженерлер шетелдегі техникаларға қол жетімді
Axis: 3/4/5
Cutting Pipe Diameter range: 50-600mm
Cutting Mode: Flame/Plasma
Plasma power: Germany Ruiduncnc
type: tube Plazma Cutting Machine
кесу дәлдігі: 0,5 мм
transfer mode: USB disk

Техникалық параметрлер


Effective cutting range500-12000ммCan be customized
Cutting diameter range50—600ммCan be customized
Кесу қалыңдығы3—25ммCan be customized
Vertical maximum speed10m/min
Chuck rotation maximum speed15r/min
Minimum length of waste50мм
Ambient temperature-10—+40degree
Total axis5axis
Maximum lift height torch350мм
Minimum Thickness2мм
Кесу режиміПлазма / жалын
Longitudinal movementauto
Support bracket height adjustment modeManul
The minimum distance between the support bracket250мм
The number of support bracket3

Tube Plazma Cutting Machine Machnical system

1) linear motion that plasma or flame torch makes along unprocessed tube axis (Ⅰaxis -X-axis): servo motor drives longitudinal bracket by reducer to move the torch head and torch on the longitudinal rails.
2) Lifting motion of plasma or flame torch (Ⅱ axis -z axis): servo motor pushes torch head and its torch through reducer to realize the lifting motion.
3) Jigging motion that plasma or flame torch makes along unprocessed tube axis (Ⅲ axis - A axis): servo motor drives torch head and its torch through reducer to turn round.
4) Jigging motion that plasma or flame torch makes along the vertical of unprocessed tube axis(axis-B-axis): servo motor drives torch head and its torch through reducer to turn round.
5) Rotary motion of unprocessed tube(V axis-W axis): servo motor drives chucks to make steel tube to make rotary motion.
6) Reducer adopted high precision planetary gear, to ensure high precision of transmission
7) Tube supporter adopted hand-cranked movable wheel frame with adjustable height of center


Main functions of tube Plazma Cutting Machine

  • 1.Pipe cut anywhere, straight mouth or bevel
  • 2.Pipe anywhere orthogonal, oblique, eccentric combinations of curves intersecting hole nesting program.
  • 3.Pipe anywhere orthogonal, oblique, eccentric intersection curve straight and bevel cutting.
  • 4.Parameterized type of intersection curve Gallery.
  • 5.Fully-automated cutting process
  • 6.Simulations and cutting process synchronization display.
  • 7.Kerf automatic compensation
  • 8.Pause, continue to cut and the cutting process acceleration/deceleration control.
  • 9.Automatic arc,automatic perforation, automatic height-adjustment
  • 10.Midway breakpoint site protected memory
  • 11.Each control shaft automatic location.
  • 12.Working process of automatic fault diagnosis and alarm


Application of tube Plazma Cutting Machine

To be used to cut thick tube and pipe of carbon steel(flame),stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, and other metal materials, applied in areas including ship building, pressure vessel, aerospace, bridge construction, steel structure , electronic power and engineering machinery.

Gas circuit system

Pneumatic solenoid valve device using Italy, Taiwan brand valves, high quality composition and gas lines. According to oxygen, gas cutting characteristics, advantages of integrated pneumatic system design of the same industry, Automatic gas path system for fast preheating, perforation, automatic conversion of high efficiency and energy saving and other high energy-efficient requirements.

  • 5.1 Gas circuit system for the central gas gathering form, controlled by gas circuit dashboard.
  • 5.2 Plasma using arc voltage height controller automatically adjusts the torch height to ensure the safe and efficient when cutting.
  • 5.3 Gas circuit system with automatic conversion of high and low pressure, backfire prevention functions, ensuring safe and efficient cutting.


Tube Plazma Cutting Machine Working Environment

  • 6.1.Plasma required compressed air not less than 0.8MP.
  • 6.2.Temperature : -5°C ~45°C
  • 6.3 Relative humidity : ≤0.95