Жоғары сапалы портативті cnc плазмалық кескіш машина cnc плазмалық кескіш тот баспайтын болаттан және металл табақтан жасалған

Жылдам мәліметтер

Шарты: Жаңа
Voltage: 380V 220V Optional
Номиналды қуаты: 4 кВт
Өлшемі (L * W * H): 3880 * 2150 * 2000 мм
Салмағы: 1500кг
Сертификаттау: CE ISO SGS FDA
Кепілдік: 12 ай
Сатудан кейінгі қызмет: Инженерлер шетелдегі техникаларға қол жетімді


Main explanation

We has been in machine industry field for about 10 years, we produce and sell all kinds of NC/CNC press brake, 3 or 4 roller rolling machine, плазмалық кесу машинасы, fire cutting machine, high quality shearing machine including swing beam and various rank guillotine shears, hydraulic press, lathe machine, milling machine etc. All machines are under CE certification and experienced in the market of European such as United Kingdom, Belgium, Romania, Hungary, Croatia and also all the other countries in the world.

We produce about 20 sets of плазмалық кесу машинасы monthly including gate type, table type, convenient suspending type. In this large production volume, therefore enable us to be a price-effective in manufactory cost level. We consist in financial flexible principle to collaborate with our partner for a better recovery cost after their investment.

We also provide client-oriented after-sale service with engineer available if needed. In any cases, our action is in rapid response, immediately action in both consultation or site guidance.

Main feature

1.High stability and one-time cutting shape process.

2. Adopt new technology for free of maintenance supporting no lubrication, exempt from dust

3.Use South Korea’s Samsung industrial level low power core to control the power consumption below 1500W to be environmental protection and energy saving

4.The machine apply HONGYUDA series arc voltage automatic height adjusting device to ensure the advantage or free of maintenance , high precision in height level control and also the reliability of the product. The machine has equipped with POWERMAX 105 plasma cutting electronic power, good in cutting effect, long life in consumptive components and material to prevent the worry for the exchange for the electrode cutting nozzle.

5.Customer-tailored service for the equipment in demand for example alternative for full step drive type or combination drive machine. And also can choose single fire, single plasma or combination with fire and plasma cutting etc.

6.Optional for wireless remote control function to easily control any emergency when the operator is far away from the machine, can control the start, stop, rise, down, forward or backward within 100M.

Standard component

1.The longitudinal, transverse drive are all use high-precision gear and rack.( Class 7 Precision) for transmission. Both longitudinal and transverse have all adopted liner guide rail are imported from Taiwan,China to guarantee the stability in moving, high-precision, durable in usage and good appearance.

2.The reducer is planetary gear reducer for precision in moving and also balance.

3. Жетек жүйесі - тұрақты қозғалуға, жылдамдықты берудің кең спектріне, қысқа үдеу уақытына арналған Жапонияның импортталған AC серво жетектері.


4. Use USA HYPERTHERM company MIRCO EDGE cnc control system, 17 inch color display screen, dynamic graphic display, automatic tracking, DETAILS as below.

5. Through the JAPAN imported original Panasonic servo motor, the magnet steel will be more durable, demagnetization will not happen because of the heating of the MOTOR.

6. Use AR voltage height level adjustment system to protect cutting torch ensuring the long life of the consumables.